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Pre-Registration Instructions

Please tell us what type of applicant you are, and confirm your eligibility as an applicant in that category.

Clicking on each category below will bring you to a definition of that category, and a list to confirm eligibility to apply in that category. You can browse each category to see which best suits you or your group/organization. If you need further clarification, please contact ArtsNL program staff: Katrina Rice (katrina@artsnl.ca) or Ashley Lewis (ashley@artsnl.ca)

Your registration must be confirmed by ArtsNL staff before you can complete an application for funding. You will receive an email confirming your eligibility to apply for funding. ArtsNL staff may request addition documentation to confirm eligibility requirements are met.

Privacy Notice: Under the authority of ArtsNL, personal information is collected in order to operate grant programs. This information is kept confidential and handled as required by the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy (ATIPP) Act. Any questions or comments can be directed to Charlene Jackson, ArtsNL Communication Officer and ATIPP Coordinator: (charlene@artsnl.ca) - (709) 726-2212 ext. 3.